“2018 will become the second year of the historical transformation into a digitally-oriented company.

The objective is simple: to expand faster digitally than we are shrinking in print. That’s also an ambitious goal. But the big steps that we took in year one of the transformation give us hope. The results of 2017 are above our expectations. Our digital products are better, and more and more people are finding their way to our door. That means more subscriptions and more advertising revenues. It helps that we have the wind at our backs. The economy has been picking up for some time now, advertising expenditures are growing and advertisers – critical about the big-tech companies – are moving in our direction.

In 2018 we’re introducing richer digital products for the ADR titles, the Volkskrant and the Nationale Vacaturebank. There are payment possibilities offered on all of our 22 news sites. With a new advertising model we’re trying to reach the smaller local advertiser digitally. In addition, we continue to invest in the paper newspaper, a fantastic product with a high revenue. In the coming years our news brands will excel on two stages.”

De Persgroep Nederland: the largest media company

De Persgroep is the largest media house in the Netherlands, as demonstrated by a study done by research agency GfK for the Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia (NOM, the National Multimedia Research joint industrial committee). Every day, ADR ­Nieuwsmedia, the AD and the Volkskrant reach 36% of all Dutch citizens. ADR Nieuwsmedia is the largest. The regional news brands of ADR together reach 9.5 million people per month. The title AD reaches 7.4 million people monthly – that is more than half of the Dutch age 13 and above. The Volkskrant follows with 4.4 million per month. The study ´NOM Media Brands 2017´ presents the results of 154 print brands, 88 digital brands and 45 brands that publish both on paper and digitally.   

Hille van der Kaa

Mattie Valk

Mike McGrail

Sascha van Belzen

Ronald Griffioen

In 2017 Het Parool was voted World´s Best Designed Newspaper by the Society for News Design. In March 2018 it received the award for the second year in a row.

Indebuurt.nl offers regional news on 21 cities in the Netherlands.

Tweakers: more information, more readers

For the largest independent electronics and technology website of the Netherlands and Belgium 2017 was a top year. Editor-in-chief Wout Funnekotter: “2017 was a good year for innovation and our readers have an ever-growing hunger for information. Grist for the mills of Tweakers. We attracted more visitors thanks to our even broader offer. We grew from 178,560,000 visits in 2016 to more than 200 million in 2017. That also produced a handsome financial result.”

In order to test products even faster and better, Tweakers joined forces with Hardware.info for a shared test lab. The events are also attracting ever more fans. And also in collaboration with Hardware.info, the online technology platform took its first steps offline with a magazine for its subscribers. The journal gives a peek behind the curtains of Tweakers, discusses new technology topics and lets the fans speak about their tech passions. Also new: the AD now spoils its readers with information from the comparative tests of Tweakers.

De Persgroep takes over Holland´s largest online advertising platform

In 2017 De Persgroep continued its digital transition in the Netherlands. Reclamefolder.nl is henceforth sailing under the flag of De Persgroep. The largest offers platform of the Netherlands attracts two million visitors every month. Every week consumers look at millions of national and local advertising brochures. And that reach will grow even further, says Jan van Dun, general manager local media: “To make the platform even more relevant for readers and advertisers we’re expanding it even further. Soon you will find on Reclamefolder.nl not only brochures, but all advertising offers – from the baker around the corner to the largest supermarket chain.” Because De Persgroep gives retailers the possibility to advertise not only on paper but also online, in their own region, in a highly-targeted manner.    


Little big newspaper

Columnist and writer Roos Schlikker (43) has been writing for Het Parool since 2014.

Come here

John van den Oetelaar (52) has been editor-in-chief of ED.nl/Eindhovens Dagblad since 2010.

Media then and now

Fons van Westerloo (72) has been a member of the board of supervisory directors of De Persgroep Netherlands since 2013. In 2011 Van Westerloo was named an Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau, in recognition of the “mark he made on the Dutch media landscape”.

Kleine grote krant

Columnist en schrijver Roos Schlikker (43) schrijft sinds 2014 voor Het Parool.

Kom hier

John van den Oetelaar (52) is hoofdredacteur ED.nl/Eindhovens Dagblad sinds 2010.

Media toen en nu

Fons van Westerloo (72) is sinds 2013 lid van de raad van commissarissen van De Persgroep Nederland. In 2011 werd Van Westerloo benoemd tot Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau, omdat hij “een stempel heeft gedrukt op het Nederlandse medialandschap”.

Successful year for Trouw thanks to unique view of the news

75 years old, but still busy growing. That was Trouw in 2017. Against all the global trends, the print run of the paper newspaper grew by two percent last year. One-fifth of the subscriptions are digital or hybrid. Proof that the newspaper knows how to make the transition to digital. Editor-in-chief Cees van der Laan: “It was a fascinating year in journalistic terms as well. We are proud that we, together with Het Financieele Dagblad, brought out the Paradise Papers story.”    

Trouw has also always had close ties with its readers. The newspaper highlighted that with the celebration of its 75th birthday. As a former resistance paper, Trouw has its own strong profile. Cees: “We highlighted that with the ´A different note´ campaign. You can’t change the news, but you can change how you write about it. And we do that with constructive journalism. We not only give facts, but also tell our readers where the solutions lie.”

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