Opportunities for the future

During Red Nose Day 2016, organisers VTM, Qmusic and Belfius dreamed aloud of setting up ´Red Nose Day houses´ with the 4,103,677 euros that had been raised: a physical place in each Flemish province where young people could easily go in and out for leisure activities but also for quick psychological assistance. Because no fewer than one in five young Flemish people is struggling with psychological problems. In 2017 the dream became reality. Each province received an OverKop house. Thanks to the money raised, young people can now also go to OverKop.be, an online platform where they can talk about whatever´s on their mind.

OverKop house and home

An OverKop house is an accessible place for young people where they can relax or engage in fun activities. But at the same time, professional and psychological assistance is also offered, free of charge and without appointment. There is room for their passion and personal development and together there they can freely express and experience their emotions. The five houses are set up in collaboration with existing organisations in Flanders.     

Overkop online as well

OverKop is also a digital place. Via Overkop.be young people, wherever they might find themselves, can also talk about whatever is on their mind with a profes­sionally-trained team of volunteers. Along with a serious game and self-tests, the online platform strives to quickly and directly refer them to the right kind of assistance. OverKop.be is being further expanded with the online forum Awel.

Local and international support

The jury also decided to support 17 local initiatives that offer easily accessible help to young people or which focus on prevention, such as an interactive city game, creative workshops or a short film made by pupils.

Red Nose Day is an initiative of VTM, Qmusic and Belfius and is based on the collection action Red Nose Day of Comic Relief. With special thanks to all those who organised a money-raising campaign, sold red noses or made a donation.


Small-scale children´s projects with a major impact

For many children, life doesn´t go as planned. Think of children with an illness or handicap, or from underprivileged families. The Dutch foundation Witte Bedjes gives them hope with tangible projects that cannot count on support from anywhere else.

Witte Bedjes was set up in 1967 by Het Parool, which means that in 2017 the foundation celebrated a half century of existence. The newspaper still pays for the organisation´s general expenses. Thus virtually every euro that is raised goes for the good cause.

In 2017 Witte Bedjes made a financial contribution to the Van Koetsveld School in East Amsterdam. This is a special education school for children with very difficult learning impairments and children with serious multiple limitations. During outdoor recess, the pupils do not spontaneously play games. Thanks in part to the contribution of Witte Bedjes, in May 2017 Het Koetsveld opened up a beautiful green natural playground. A school yard that offers on the one hand enjoyment, security and a restful place, and on the other challenges the pupils to move, swing, see-saw, climb, clamber, play together and experience nature.


for all children

The name says it all: Kindergeluk wants to make children happy and give them opportunities for a better future. Attention is devoted above all to children who are having a more difficult time in our society. Kindergeluk works together with professional care providers, associated with over 40 organisations in Flanders and Brussels, so that the support reaches those who need it most.

De Persgroep´s support to Kindergeluk consists of a major financial contribution, but above all the logistical support offered is also of vital importance for the non-profit association. This keeps administrative costs to a mini­mum, and last year more than 98% of the expenditures could be spent directly on the selected initiatives.

Kindergeluk finances a wide range of projects, from rooms in youth institutions and equipment for children with a limitation to family supervision and support for organisations that help parents with a limitation to raise their children.

Underprivileged families often don´t have enough financial leeway for a holi­day camp or hobby.  Because it´s so important for their children to be able to participate in fun activities just like their classmates, Kindergeluk wants to make it possible for them as well. Kindergeluk therefore collaborates with several institutions and organisations on this.    

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© 2017 - 2018 De Persgroep
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